CSPRA Fundraising

Who doesn’t need to win some cash???  Here is your opportunity with 3 chances to win!
Cash Raffle Going Now

$250 early bird cash prize – draw date Sept 2/2022 at the Cardston CSPRA rodeo**

$250 early bird cash prize – draw date Sept 3/2022 at the Cardston CSPRA rodeo**
$4,000 main cash prize -  to be drawn as soon as raffle is sold out* 

 $25.00 each/Go to our Facebook page to get yours today
date October 15, 2022 at the CSPRA finals, Claresholm or sooner if early sellout
** Amended early bird draw dates.

The cash raffle will have an added incentive for our members. Every member who sells/ purchases a ticket will get their name in a draw for a 2023 CSPRA Membership. So if you sell 10 tickets and buy 1 for yourself that is 11 chances that you have in the draw. If you sell/ purchase a ticket you will need to contact Niki Makofka for tracking, you can also reach out to her with any questions.


Fundraising through Casino

The CSPRA is very fortunate to be able to raise funds to help support our programing with the AGLC and by working Casino's. Our last Casino was in 2020 and we are slotted to have our next one in 2023. When more details become available they will be posted here. If you are interested in helping work the Casino please contact our Casino Coordinator Barb Longmore @ 403-340-6726



Fundraising through Raffles

We are also able to raise funds through the AGLC with raffles. Historically we have done paper raffle's with a cash prize as a payout. In 2021 we had two online 50/50 raffles with payouts of $ 2000.00 each through Rafflebox. For the 2022 season Niki Makofka has agreed to be our Raffle Chairperson and has been spearheading online Facebook raffles with varies prizes being offered. As of May 17/2022 she has finished four raffles raising $10671.00 for our association. She will continue to have various raffles throughout the course of the year so please continue to watch our Facebook page to see what the current raffle is. 



With the help of our Sponsors we are able to continue to promote the sport of Rodeo across the province and to host our finals for our top competitors. We want to encourage all our membership to help in turn by promoting/ supporting our sponsors when you can. The Businesses that do sponsor us do so with very little in return so please make sure to let them know if you are supporting them that you are with the CSPRA and appreciate how they have helped us out. If you know of any businesses that would like to sponsor please contact the office to get a package to forward on to them. The CSPRA recognizes any member who brings in sponsorship with a 10% commission on the amount that they bring in. 


We were very fortunate in 2022 to receive a Stabilize Grant of $ 47024.00 from the Minister of Culture, Multiculturism and Status of Women. This grant was used for the purpose of wages, administration and rodeo programming which helped us to continue to promote the sport of rodeo within our association for the 2022 year. 

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