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“What if” CSPRA didn’t exist, “what if” our association were to dissolve, “what if” we weren’t able to continue doing what we love?

CSPRA is such a unique “family” that affords all of us, at every level, the opportunity to compete as a sport or hobby AND enjoy what we all share as a common thread; rodeo and socializing.

As a board we are tasked with moving forward in a very difficult and critical time. This Association has such a solid foundation that has been built by members with and before us. However, we need to have a clear vision, build around our assets and be open minded. The culture of this board AND membership requires us to be progressive, involved, efficient and effective.

Though we are a benevolent society we still need to operate fundamentally as a business. Numbers don’t lie, they count!! Healthy numbers equate to sustainability. Right now, the financial health of our beloved Association is in dire peril and has been for some time. I believe deeply that three fundamental necessities are required if we are to flourish: membership, rodeos (committees) and sponsorship.

Unlike conventional rodeo, CSPRA & our rodeo committees are faced with unique challenges. With out revenue from gate admissions, bar and/or cabaret income and reduced entries make it near impossible for rodeo committees to make ends meet, let alone produce a rodeo. They need our help, and we need them if we want to rodeo! Like everyone else, we are facing reduced entries, a lack of rodeos and increased costs. We need to redefine the business model of our Association and desperately need solutions to problems presented!! With an attitude of transparency, teamwork, and fiscal responsibility our board elect NEEDS YOU!!!

As a board we have already been brainstorming & throwing out ideas (spit balling), looking for viable options such as;

1. Have one or two Membership Rodeos (with slightly revised formats) in order to hopefully increase membership and entries.
2. Membership draw/drive (ie your name goes into a prize draw for bringing in new member(s).
3. More rodeos – approaching lost and potential rodeo committees; Cochrane, Claresholm, Nanton, Ft McLeod, Winfield, Buck Lake, Rimbey, Thorsby, Bruce, Wetaskiwin, Bowden, Brooks, Wildwood, High River and even college rodeo facilities
4. Review rodeo format to increase the number of rodeo runs in team roping, breakaway roping
ie. draw & then load first 3 and rest chute run cattle to reduce labor at rodeos with the intent to increase revenue for our committees
5. Ask members to help committees to reduce rodeo costs. We are also looking for viable other options to assist committees.
6. Updating to an even more friendly Rodeo Committee and Sponsors packages for membership to utilize and approach potential committees and sponsors.
7. Make the Association more easily accessible to members, new members, US members and sponsors.
8. Increase focus on fund raising and sponsorship (ie members of each event responsible for raising funds for rodeo(s) and/or their finals. (ie. buckles, season leader jackets and added money). Members possibly each to raise a $100 donation. (possibility of 50/50 pull ticket raffle books again)
9. Increased fees at our rodeos so they better reflect the increased costs of putting on Rodeos. (Medical, stock, and facility fees) – Fees to be standardized and charged by the association.

I encourage each and everyone of us to consider the possibilities and potential! We ALL need to come together, we ALL have a say, and I’m pretty sure we ALL WANT TO RODEO!!! I’m hopeful that not with an “either-or” thought process, but rather “AND” focussed WE together can make it happen.

What if we had sustainable numbers, what if we had a flourishing membership, what if we had rodeos, what if we all worked together to get there!

Theresa Oldford

The CSPRA was created to provide continued opportunities for any and all rodeo competitors aged 40 and up (35 and up for roughstock events) in the calendar year and is comprised of all levels of competitive skills from beginner to professional.


New for 2022:  Memberships must be purchased by the Thursday before entries open!



Up to February 15
/23 - $157.50 ($150+GST)
After February 15/23- $183.75 ($175+GST)


(CSPRA Roughstock starts at age 35 with two age groups: 35-49 and 50+)

NOTE:  To qualify for the CSPRA Finals, roughstock riders must ride at
five rodeos or however many roughstock rodeos if less than five.




(for: Judge/Timer/Announcer/Secretary/Stock Contractor) 

$26.25 ($25+GST)



Hey members, as you turn 75 years of age or are already 75+,
and have 10 years or more of membership with the CSPRA, you can
now apply for a paid-in-full "Lifetime Membership Card"!

Please send a signed membership form to the office each year you wish to compete.

We take Visa, Mastercard, E-Transfers, Cash or Cheque

Please make chqs payable to Canadian Senior Pro Rodeo Association or CSPRA, E-Transfers to There is a $10 fee for all credit card transactions.

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