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We wish a speedy recover to fellow CSPRA member Ken Lepp who has broken his back. Take care Ken and we will see you down the road.


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We just wanted to update you on a few changes that have happened over the winter.
When we asked for feedback in the fall, the dress code (specifically wording about shirts that “button”) and raking/ground conditions were brought forward. The following rules changes have passed and are in effect (see Rulebook for the complete rule):

• Rodeo Attire/Dress Code A contestant's appearance must be neat, clean, professional and not consist of any gear/item(s) deemed as unsafe by a rodeo judge. The dress code is to be followed starting one hour prior to a performance or slack, while in the arena or performance area, whether competing or not. a) All contestants must wear a cowboy hat or approved riding helmet; western boots; collared, cuffed, long-sleeve shirts that fasten in the front; pants that follow the "western attire" appearance; exceptions being:

This change in wording allows for zippered shirts that many barrel racers wear. The emphasis really is on maintaining a western and professional appearance. While it is a director’s responsibility to enforce such rules in the rulebook, as directors, we trust that each of you will uphold not only the rulebook but the western image our association supports.


• b) The barrel pattern/arena shall be groomed/ raked at the beginning of each age category. Subsequent grooming/ raking shall occur consistently throughout the barrel race and after the designated runs in the program, NOT by actual runs on the ground, as directed by the Barrel Racing Director.

This rule change was one that was requested by multiple barrel racers, and as directors we both agree with. No specific number (eg. rake after 5 runs) was set. Directors will consult with each committee to determine what that number will be; considering good conditions, equipment being used to rake, how many entries, and other such factors. As each age category is a separate event, it is possible, there could be a different number of runs, between rakes, from one age category to another. (Example: 40’s - 12 entered – rake after 4; 50’s - 15 girls entered – rake after 5). This will be determined before the rodeo starts and will be posted at the office and communicated with the judges and rodeo committee. If there any questions please reach out to either director for clarification.

For the 2022 season the following format will be followed at every rodeo:

• Will run in the following order: 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 68+
• First 3 barrel racers of the 40’s will put the timer away & take the barrel covers off
• Last 3 barrel racers in the 60’s will set up the timer & put the barrel covers on
• A barrel rep for each rodeo will be identified from the 50’s and will be responsible for marking the pattern. This list will be posted closer to the rodeo dates.
• 68+’s will be given no barrel duties

• Carol Crawford is the CSPRA Equipment Coordinator and will ensure the timer and barrel covers get to each rodeo
If there is interest, we will provide a mini-clinic on operating the timer and how to mark a pattern at one of the first rodeos.
A reminder to all barrel racers that if you have any concerns during the rodeo, to come to either barrel racing director. As directors we will approach the judges and/or committee as needed.

The next CSPRA Director meeting is April 5th so if there is anything you want brought forward, please contact us prior to then.
If you haven’t already, get your memberships bought and get your horses legged up! We look forward to seeing you all at the first rodeo.

Paige Leavitt                                                        Barb Longmore
403.892.2499                                                      403.340.6726
paigewillwinfirst@gmail.com                                longmoreranch@gmail.com


The CSPRA wishes to send its condolences to the family of Roy Mcpeak.

Roy lived his entire life in the Nanton community and will be remembered by many as a true horseman - leaving behind an outstanding legacy of farming and ranching.

August 14, 1937 -- May 16, 2022













The Southwest Senior Pro Rodeo Committee are having a raffle for some gas cards, please contact any Southwest committee member to get in on the draw today.


The CSPRA wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Janice Waltz.

Janice Lee Waltze

September 15 1954 ~ March 22 2022


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