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 CCRA Rulebook

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Rulebook changes for 2022:

-MOTION PASSED: to change rule Page 26, Section II,E 7 d 1) & 2) to read:
d) All-Around( High-Point) awards will be presented at the Finals to both the man and woman with the most points accumulated during the regular rodeo season. To qualify they must be entered in a minimum of two(2) or more events with a maximum of four(4) events counting towards All-Around award.
  1) If entered in more than four(4) events, the contestant's top four(4) events at year end will be used for the All-Around point calculation. 
  2) 68+ contestants can only accumulate All-Around points in one(1) of the two(2) Tie down roping events( 60+ Tie Down roping,68+ Tie Down roping) and must designate before their first rodeo of the year which Tie Down roping event they wish to count towards All-Around ( High-Point) award. 

-MOTION PASSED: to change rule Page 41, Section III, I 4   a-f to read: 
a) The ground conditions will be worked to assure fair conditions for each barrel racer whether in slack or performance.**
b) The barrel pattern/arena shall be groomed/ raked at the beginning of each category. Subsequent grooming/ raking shall occur consistently throughout the barrel race and after the designated runs in the program, NOT by actual runs on the ground, as directed by the Barrel Racing Director.**
c) Once barrel markers have been placed, no practicing is allowed within fifteen(15) feet from the markers.**
d) No contestant shall run/practice a barrel pattern within one hour of show time.**
e) Stock shall not be fed or watered within twenty five (25) feet of the permanent barrel markers. **
**This rule shall not be changed until after the 2024 rodeo season ends. 

-MOTION PASSED: to delete rule Page 19, Section II, E b f:" Late entries shall be allowed until noon the day following phone in entries for a charge of $25.00"

-MOTION PASSED: to delete rule Page 17, Section II, D 7 c 1: "five percent (5%) plus GST of the total purse (added money and entry fees) from each sanctioned rodeo will be retained by the CSPRA."

-MOTION PASSED: to add rule Section II,E 1 to read: Rodeo Attire/Dress Code
"A contestant's appearance must be neat, clean, professional and not consist of any gear/item(s) deemed as unsafe by a rodeo judge. The dress code is to be followed starting one hour prior to a performance or slack, while in the arena or performance area, whether competing or not.
  a) All contestants must wear a cowboy hat or approved riding helmet; western boots; collared, cuffed, long-sleeve shirts that fasten in the front; pants that follow the "western attire" appearance; exceptions being:
    1) Runners in the Ribbon Roping event are not required to wear western boots but must wear footwear,
  b) Back numbers, when supplied, are considered as part of rodeo attire and therefore will follow all above dress code rules and must be worn on back of shirt only."

-MOTION PASSED: to change rule Page 35, Section III, F 3 c 1 to " the tie must be inspected by the barrier judge or designate before each contestant competes. Failure to inspect does not negate the run or the field judges decision."

-MOTION PASSED: to delete rule Page 35,Section III,F 1 b 1: Contestants 68 and over may compete in all three calf roping events( 60+ Tie Down, 68+ Tie Down, and Men's Breakaway roping) but must declare at the start of the rodeo year which two of those three events they wish to count towards All-Around points.

- MOTION PASSED: to give 10 % commission to anyone bringing in sponsorship donations.

-MOTION PASSED to change rule Page # 10, section II B 2 d, to" Memberships will be accepted up to office closing of the Thursday before online entries open."

Rulebook changes for 2021:

MOTION PASSED to ament the Lifetime/Gold Member qualification to be 75 years or older as well as having 10 or more years of membership within the association.

-MOTION PASSED to amend Page# 9, rule1-D-3&4, to have the deadline date for rule change proposals as January 30. The commencement date for new rules, amended rules or changed rules will be 14 days prior to the first rodeo of the season.
- MOTION PASSED to amend Page # 16, D.4.c, have all fees paid to the office and age verifications for non-members provided to the CSPRA office at the time of entries. If local fails to comply for any reason their fees are not refunded and should be figured into the payout.
- MOTION PASSED to amend Page 10 Section II, Part B.4.d & Pg 19, E.1.c, to allow non-members to compete at one rodeo per year, entry can be up to 3 days of rodeo at one location without becoming a CSPRA member. 

b. CONTESTS: two (2) or more contestants are required in an event to make a contest. No ground money will be paid if no contest in an event.
1) Distressed Event Rules:

  1. If rodeo entries result in only one competitor/team in an event age category, the contestant/team moves into the age category directly below/above the distressed event. (68, 60 or 50s move down and 40 move up). If there is 1 - 40 and 1 - 50 the 40 (lower) event is held.

    • The competitor/team takes earned points back into their actual age category.

  2. If turn out’s, draw out’s, vet and medicals result in one competitor (all ages combined) at the time of the event it is considered a no contest and the event will not be held. The contestant will be refunded his event entry fee. Any added money and stock charge in that event will return to the rodeo committee. The competitor has the option of an exhibition run/ride.

  3. Finals Qualification - If only one competitor/team qualifies in an age category for the finals, the competitor/team can attend the finals in the category above/below the distressed event (40s moves up, 68+s, 60s or 50s move down) as an 11th competitor. Their finals position will be based on points earned in the age group they are competing in at the finals.

    • The competitor will be awarded the season leader prize in their actual age category.

    •  competitor will be awarded the championship in their actual age category if any points are earned at the finals.  

Rulebook Changes for 2020:

- MOTION PASSED: to change the added money for the Steer Wrestling and Roughstock events to be the same amount as the timed events and to revert the Steer Wrestling event "roughstock" designation back to being a “timed event” designation.

Rulebook Changes for 2019:

- AMENDED MEDICAL SERVICES RULE Sec II.D.8.a.:  In the best interest and safety of all in attendance at any CSPRA rodeos, it will be the hosting rodeo committee's responsibility to supply, at all performances and slacks, a minimum of two medical personnel, with at least one being a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP, formerly known as EMT) and one Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), licensed by the provincial government, plus Alberta Health Services required Basic Life Support equipment to have the ability and means to stabilize a critically injured patient. Failure to comply with this rule is a finable offense that will be determined by the CSPRA Board of Directors.

- MOTION PASSED TO AMEND: Rules Sec II.B.4.d. on pg10 and Sec II.E.1.c. & c.1).:  Should committees choose to allow non-members/locals to compete at a rodeo, a non-member/local may enter only one (1) rodeo per year. That is one rodeo total, NOT one location.

- MOTION PASSED:  to keep the "one-pen" system in the team roping event, except at the finals, with any discrepancies left to the directors.

- MOTION PASSED:  to increase full memberships by $20 to help pay for the jobs we can no longer get volunteers for (ie: finals coordinator and rodeo equipment coordinator).

- MOTION PASSED:  anyone 80 years and older will receive a free "Lifetime Membership".

- MOTION PASSED:  set ups are no longer allowed at any rodeos. 

Any rules not covered By the CSPRA rulebook will then go to the PRCA rulebook

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